st. Patrick’s Day Mini Session – Set Preview

I still plan on doing some shopping for some handheld props, in case your little one has trouble sitting, but this is the basic idea! Two seating options – mossy bench or crate. The crate also has a top, so children can sit on top of it. Not crazy about the Guinness logo? (made specially for an awesome client) – then we can simply turn it around to the blank side (both sides pictured). The leprechaun outfit pictured is ONLY available to babies from about 3 months to 9 months. It was made for my son, but if it fits your baby, you are more than welcome to use it! My son is 6 months, and in 50th percentile for weight and 80th for height – pants fit him nice and snug, we had a lot of the suspenders to work with, so I tied a knot. If you really want to do a leprechaun outfit, but are worried it wont fit, I urge you to get one! I’m going to also look for leprechaun hats for all sizes, but cant guarantee! Depending on your outfit choices, you can make these super themed (lots of green or themed outfits) or stick with neutrals so they are not too holiday-ish. That part is up to you!